The power to realize dreams

Our mission is to build a cooperative relationship with customers as partner for "Heat and Its Control" in all industrial fields. Nihon Dennetsu has an outstanding record of manufacturing and providing high accuracy as well as high quality products. Starting from the production of sheathed heaters, combined with heat control technology, we have expanded our business scope. (Nihon Dennetsu is the first sheathed heater licensee of GE in Japan.
For example, heaters for large reactors of petrochemicals and electric power generation plants (LNG fired, coal fired power plants and nuclear power plants, too), precision heating/cooling disc plates for electronic device industry, large scale deposition equipment for solar panels.
Recently our on the spot setting type small and medium sized electric boilers have received customers' good reputation.

We have also extended our business to new area responding to social needs, such as heaters for artificial dialysis or warming/cooling sleeping mat medical treatment system for which production very strict qualification of Japan Health and Welfare Ministry is required.

Together with all of you who are striving for the prosperity of society, we shall act as a reliable concierge. To symbolize our role as "Heat and Its Control Concierge" we have recently designed a corporate logo, as shown here. And our Customers Service Center was newly opened with a mission of quick response to advanced and sophisticated customers' requirements.
Please "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What Nihon Dennetsu Can Do For You".

Product lineup

  • Lineup of multipurpose heaters
  • Flange heaters and Heating unit
  • Heating medium circulation and temperature control equipment
  • Electric boilers
  • IH (chemical) reaction chamber
  • IH steam generating equipment
  • Heating plate
  • Environmentally-related products
  • Heating tape for tap water pipes
  • Medical/health devices